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Here we only share FVDI user's experience on BSI, your should take the risk by yourself if you use FVDI on BSI!


Big thanks to one FVDI user(Mr.László Hallai), below is his valuable expericen about FVDI used on BSI:

Summary, the FVDI don't kill BSI, the USER who start a diagnostic session without a battery charger kills the BSI. 

 fvdi on bsi

Below is the content of above email:

Just would let you know my expreience with FVDI. Planning to write reporst, but would like to share the very first one.

So, would like to read PIN from a Peugeot 3008 - year :2012 - with JC BSI.

As many people described, first thing what happend the car went to the other world. No life signs, literally, no interior lights, no dash on ignition, the behavior was like the car without battery.

Firstly tought the FVDI cause chatashrophyc damage but the full silence and darkness was too strange. Started examine what could happend. Soon found the FVDI - BSI forums.

3 hours later recognized, the BSI went to boot mode, thats why no response for key turn, but BSI tells its identification, so could comfirm that the module not dead, just sleeping well.

2 hours later decide next to reflash the BSI with the same software signarure. Luckily found one on a forum. Since could read out the flash took the braveness to put the car on a battery charger and click on the write BSI flash with the "new" binary. After the process reach 100% the car cames alive and all functionality are back. 

So summary, the FVDI dont kill BSI, the USER who start a diagnostic session without a battery charger kills the BSI. 

Post it for experience site, to help others, and if can, highlight that, to before read pin -> READ FLASH and save it in case of corruption. And in case of "dead BSI" which went to boot mode a reflash with the same software signature probably will solve the problem.


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FVDI work on BSI


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